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More About Us.

You can find out on the discord server.

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Need web hosting don't worry and contact us we can offer you the cheapest hosting!

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What we offer

We can offer you hosting where you can have your projects with a good team where we all help each other when we have a problem.

Studio Identity

We can say that we are improving with every project and we are always recruiting new people to the team so you don't have to worry and you can write to us.


We have our own server sponsored by luminion.net and we can offer you a job on the server (:

Web Design

Web design this all work falls under the owner of this project/studio.

Studio Strategy

We also have our own strategies on how to improve or profit from something, if you are more interested, our team will be happy to answer your questions.


We do projects that are in any sense as well connected as possible to make a good system of the project.


Ecommerce is what we can call e.g. selling our server for your projects etc... and if you are interested in learning this too, feel free to email us and we will teach you.